​Paradise Valley Campground

   A Seasonal Private RV Park


 by Bob Fedderwitz

Sometimes in our travels, we come across someone or some people we think we know and begin to wave. Then suddenly we slide our hand down to our side and kind of look the other way.  Whew, I almost waved at a stranger. I better be more careful you might think to yourself . But then, there are times when we can wave, even when we don’t know any of the people we are waving at.

I remember as a kid going to the New York Yankee games at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. At the bottom of the seventh inning, everyone stood up, sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and started waving at each other. They even began a cycle of each section of the stadium where the fans stood up in sync, put their hands high above their heads and in unison waved. The synchronization and tempo of each section created what is now known as The Wave!

I remember my first time on a motor boat cruising with my mom and dad on Lake George in New York. Everyone waved at each other every time we passed by another boat. When I purchased my first boat and then my next larger and the next larger as most boat owners do, I made sure that everyone onboard waved to the folks on the passing boats except maybe Marine Patrol. And then I experienced the second best day in a boat owners life when I waved goodbye to the last boat.

When I purchased my first convertible car in Florida, I took the office staff for a ride around town. My office manager was sitting in the rear of this Mustang and she asked me as we passed another convertible if she should wave. Why not I replied.
When we purchased our Honda Trike, Muriel and I were cruising down to Everglades City from Naples, FL. Every time a motorcycle passed from the opposite direction I noticed the driver sticking his hand down and making a peace sign with his fingers. It took a while, but I caught on that motorcyclists are into this wave thing too. Now we give the motorcycle wave when we pass other cyclists on our adventures.

We are now owners in Paradise Valley Campground. It all began when our realtor took us around to see what was up for sale. Everyone we passed waved at us. I know I didn’t know any of these people so they must be strangers. However something compelled me to wave back and I didn’t slide my hand back down to my side and look the other way. There seemed to be something really nice about waving back at these people and looking right at them. I thought, I may not know you, but someday I might and maybe we’ll be friends. What I nice feeling we experienced
from our first encounter at Paradise Valley Campground. Now that we have owned more than a year, we are real pros. Muriel and I make it a point to wave at everyone who passes. If we are going shopping or just dropping off at the dumpster, we wave at everyone in the campground and they wave back at us. However, there is one downside. Last April we experienced a lot of rain. I was walking our dog, Archie. I had an umbrella in one hand and the leash in the other. Suddenly I had to pick up after Archie so I had to juggle a plastic bag between my hands. That is when a
golf cart passed. Everyone on board waved to me. You can imagine my predicament.

So in the future, if you see me walking Archie on a rainy day with an umbrella in one hand and the leash in the other, please accept a nod for a wave knowing I might be doing a balancing act. 

Thank you to all the residents of Paradise Valley Campground for making life more fun to live in paradise.